AP Course Ledger

The AP Course Ledger lists secondary school courses offered worldwide that are authorized to include the AP® designation when listed on students' transcripts. These courses were reviewed by the Advanced Placement Program® (AP) as part of the AP Course Audit for the academic years listed on the school's "Authorized AP Courses" page.

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Note: The ledger lists courses beginning with the 2007-08 academic year. AP courses offered prior to 2007-08 were not reviewed as part of the AP Course Audit; therefore, use of the "AP" designation is permitted for these courses.

Ledger Download

Admissions officers from higher education institutions and officials at state departments of education can request access to an electronic file containing the complete database of authorized AP courses. To request access, please e-mail your request to apcourseledger@collegeboard.org. Once approved, AP Course Audit will release your unique ID and access code.